About Bonanza Media

Bonanza Media is a one-man media production house based in Helsinki, Finland. I offer a full palette of services in the field of media production.

Whatever your planned project is, I will take care of all technical stages of the production if needed. On A/V productions this means I will not only cut your video and take care of the sound design and music, but I will also process the final video to correct file formats. This way I can make sure that when the video is published on the chosen media(s) it will sound and look good.

With print products I can submit the product to press, so you don't need to worry about the technical side of things. I can also do photography such as portrait shots of your employees and also your products to present on your materials or web site.

If you need something that works online, I can do that too. I will create your web site and I will also make sure it stays up to date. Let's also not forget the importance of social media. I can create a Facebook page for your company to reach more potential customers.

- Lauri Hynninen, Bonanza Media

+358 40 575 2932

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Bonanza Media is located in Helsinki, Finland. If you have a question or proposition in mind, don't hesitate to give me a call. You can also send a message using the form below.

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Company information

BNZ Media

Vuorimiehenkatu 18 B 17
00140 Helsinki

+358 40 575 2932

Business ID: 2541538-4

Bonanza Media is registered on the Finnish Trade Register as BNZ Media.

TV & Video, Photography and Audio

I have worked on all kinds of audiovisual projects, some of them showcased here. I've also got experience on working on weekly/daily television shows.

Suomen Pipliaseura, Agricola-leivos

This video is promoting a contest to pick a confection for the father of the Finnish written language, Mikael Agricola. Animation and sound design by Visual Works, narration by myself (speech, recording, editing and mastering).


Koulutusrahasto is an organization that helps people to get additional education when already settled in working life. This video is a compact ad telling about what people can do with their help. My part in the project was video edit and sound design, everything else by Visual Works.


This is one of three videos done in a group of four. It is a marketing video campaign to promote renovation projects towards energy efficient housing in Finland. Some of my roles in this have been editing and sound design. See the rest of the videos on EEMontti @ Vimeo.

Educational Film: Bioanalyytikon ty├Ânkuva ("The Job of a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist")

This educational video was ordered by the Finnish Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists. The script was written by two bio analyst students and was then passed on to a group of media engineering students, including myself.

In addition to working at the sets, I have done most of the video edit. I've also taken care of the sound design and also narration.

Beats Without Borders Ad

This is a non-professional project I did during my school years. Credits for the music go to a good friend of mine.

Print Media

You can order products like catalogs, letters and print ads. I do also proof reading, so if you need your text checked before publishing, be in touch. And of course I can write newsletters and such.

Online Media

You are able to order many kinds of services from Bonanza Media. We can build a site from the ground up or start with a publishing platform such as WordPress. Bonanza Media will also keep your site up to date.

Meditempus Oy

Meditempus Oy is a company offering medical health care services. They needed something better than just a business card to hand over. They also wanted less phone calls for appointment bookings. After the launch of the web site a lot of the bookings started coming in through the web site.

Meditempus Oy Web Site

We also agreed I would be taking care of the updates (occurring approximately 1-5 times a year). As this was the starting point, I started the project from scratch. I also took care of creating all the graphic elements used on the site.

Visit the site at www.meditempus.fi.